Anointing Oil

Blessing your child according to Numbers 24-27 releases:

  • The potential within your child giving them the opportunity to manifest their roots in God

  • Releases multiple streams of blessings and prosperity

  • Releases the favor of God

The oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit and each ingredient represents an aspect of God's character and power.

Our oil has been specially formulated and made from a foundation oil of grapeseed and almond oil.

Essential oils added are:

  • Myrtle (Hadas - "Sweetness - to be hidden" Neh 8:15)

  • Frankincense (Lebonah - "to make or become white" Rev 18:13)

  • Pomegranate (Rimmon - "to be exalted/lifted up" Ex 39:24-26)

  • Rock Rose  ("to be overshadowed by God's love")

  • Onycha (Schenecheleth - "to roar as a lion" Ex 30:34)

Anointing your child:

  • Prepares

  • Consecrates 

  • Sets Apart

  • Anoint for healing

Remember, bless your child daily, proclaiming the he/she is highly favored of God, are pillars of the nation and no evil will prosper in their lives.

Release the power of God and your child’s full potential, seal them off [anointing oil] and set them apart under His protection and for His glory.

Yada La Vie supplies our baby/toddler anointing oil. 

Their deeply rooted Christian values and principles ensure the integrity and the honesty with which they conduct their affairs. 


Baby/toddler anointing oil is manufactured upon request from Breath Ruach Faith Based Apparel and is specially formulised on a 1% ration, specifically for babies from the ages of 3 months and up.

The above mentioned oils adhere to the specified international standards, are 100% pure and natural; produced from a single botanical plant-source, which grows naturally and does not undergo any refining chemical processes.